Home espresso machine

Most home used espresso machines

Coffee is a favorite beverage among many people globally. The need for that rejuvenating drink leads most of the caffeine drinkers to result to coffee shops to get their drink. This is eventually ends up to be expensive. To solve this problem, coffee lovers should…
Coffee Recipes

How to make tasty Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has a long trail of history taking us back in the year1942 when several US crews were entertained and revived from biting cold with hot coffee by a Limerick Chef Joseph Sheridan on one snowy winter night. He introduced the drink to the…
Coffee Recipes

Easy and tasty Coffee cake recipe

Coffee cake is a very popular dish usually served for breakfast and also during the coffee break of any monotonous routine work. Coffee cakes are also served on different occasions to surprise the guests with grand coffee cakes marvelously designed and geometrically shaped. Although the…