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How to make tasty Irish Coffee

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How to make Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has a long trail of history taking us back in the year1942 when several US crews were entertained and revived from biting cold with hot coffee by a Limerick Chef Joseph Sheridan on one snowy winter night. He introduced the drink to the guests as “Irish Coffee” and they brought the recipe to the USA. The specialty of Irish coffee lies in the proportionate mixture of mainly four ingredients – coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream. To many, Irish coffee has a silly, creamy and fizzy taste with the poor grading of a weak coffee. But, all these notions result from the casual drinkers who taste Irish coffee from ordinary coffee shops. You need to have proper knowledge about the balance and procedure of the application of the ingredients to make Irish coffee delicious. Experiments are still going on to find how Irish coffee can be made more and more delicious. Although the choice of taste differs person to person depending on individual habit, climatic condition and availability of the required ingredients, the following procedures may help you find a magical way of preparing a classic delicious Irish coffee yourself.

Ingredients and accessories:

Step -1: Collect the ingredients from the best sources. Most importantly, buy your roasted coffee from a reliable shop. The better choice would be to brew your coffee with French Press. Clontarf Irish whiskey suits the best for proper blending. You can use brown sugar which is usually used for perfect Irish coffee. But experiments show that Demerara sugar creates great flavor and taste in coffee. A heavy cream collected from a fresh can will give you better result than using ordinary whipped cream.

Step -2: Choose your glass wisely. You should not make your coffee in a mug or glass mug. It would be better if you can collect a dainty 6-ounce, stemmed glass which is designed in a tulip shape to adapt the cream perfectly on the top of the glass.

Step -3: Classic Irish coffee requires some additional essences to bring modern twist. Vanilla seed, Demerara syrup and Chocolate can be added to make something special.


Measurement of Ingredients: Hot water, 1½ ounce of Clontarf Irish whiskey, 1 cup of freshly brewed black coffee, ¼ cup of heavy cream, lightly whipped and 2 tsp Demerara sugar.

Method: Take a 6-ounce stemmed glass, pour hot water into it and run the water inside to make the glass hot enough. Now empty the glass again and add the sugar and whiskey into it. You may use the vanilla and a little bit of syrup with the mixture. Stir the glass to make the mixture perfect. Add coffee slowly and continue stirring so that the sugar gets completely melted. Do it until the ¾th of the glass is filled. Now pour the cream on the mixture softly and use a flat spoon to level the foam up. Your mission of preparing tasty Irish coffee is successful!

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