Popular coffee shop chain review Costa Coffee, Caribou Coffee and Starbucks Coffee


“Coffee chain” is a very familiar term at modern world for its ever-expanding service and exquisite offers. Coffee shop chains does not literally mean coffee house anymore because a number of varieties and charms have been added to its original purpose of selling coffee and coffee products. Keeping in mind about the practical demands of the modern generations, thousands of coffee chains are flourishing all over the world where people rush to get relief from the monotonous life. These luxurious coffee chains offer lucrative package of snacks or beverage along with refreshing coffee to their clients.

The quality and range of their packages and service is highly standard and getting extra dimension day by day. In the top ranked coffee chains, which have thousands of branches round the world, you will find hundreds of units superbly decorated and professionally arranged to meet the demand of the customers in person or online. Beside their magical coffee, they supply the most delicious beverages such as different fries, sandwich, pizza, hotdog, bakery items etc. You may get a general idea about world’s greatest coffee chains from the reviews below.

Costa Coffee

Founded Bruno and Sergio, two Italian immigrant brothers, in Lambeth, London in 1971, Costa Coffee is the greatest coffee chain next to Starbucks in the world and the largest one in UK. In the beginning it operated the supply of wholesale coffee goods to the local caterers and some Italian coffee houses. But in 1995, when the chain was acquired by Mr. Whitbread, it began to expand internationally and since then almost 3000 Costa Coffee chains have been launched in more than 30 countries. Costa Coffee is in action with 1755 restaurants in UK, 1106 branches all over the world having 3500 Costa Express Vending facilities. You may find a Costa Coffee chain at any important public place in England. They offer all kinds of coffee and top class beverage package. Be a member of the Costa Coffee club and enjoy coffee free!!


Caribou Coffee

“Life is short. Stay awake for it”- with this slogan Caribou Coffee launched its mission in Broklyn Center, Minnesota, US in1992 with the magical touch of John Puckett, the former Management Consultant of Brain & Company. Caribou Coffee is the second largest coffee chain in the USA and one of the most popular chains that earned fame internationally. At present, about 273 coffee houses under Caribou Coffee are in operation covering 18 States and 10 overseas counties. This chain is particularly popular for their handcrafted espresso beverages and special coffee roasted from best beans under the company blender and also for their retail business that attracts customers of all categories.

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee is the most famous and the greatest coffee chain in the world. Founded in Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington in March 30, 1971, Starbucks Corporation made a solid go in the brand name “Starbucks Coffee” and proved themselves as the ideal coffee dealer all over the world. In almost 65 countries, 21540 coffee shops are working with several subsidiary partners and millions of trained staffs. Their world class products cover a large arena of tastes including coffee, tea, pastries, Frappuccino beverages and smoothies. All these products are handled by separate wings of personnel responsible for ensuring the quality of their products.


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