Coffee types preferred in Europe – 5 most popular


In Europe, Coffee is as common as it is in other parts of the world; there are different types that you are likely to come across and the most popular types are:

  1. The Humble Espresso

It is considered as the staple drink for most of the inhabitants in Europe especially in the morning; the other amazing fact is that while in Europe, you will mostly bump into espresso bars rather than cafés. The Humble Espressos are available throughout Europe. All you have to do is to stop at any café or espresso bar and order your cup of Humble Espresso.

  1. Café Late

It is also among the preferred  types in Europe, it is also simple to prepare because it is comprised of one shot of espresso that is usually added to three parts of milk that has been highly steamed. Before having this great coffee drink, you can add sugar basing on your preferred taste. The best part is that you can order this coffee type in any joint that offers Espresso an indication that you will get Café Latte all over the great continent of Europe. In simple terms it is usually referred to as the humble espresso but with additional warm milk.

  1. The automated coffee

It is the simplest form of coffee that you will come across in this great continent; it is prepared using an automated machine where a person is required to press a button and then coffee and milk are automatically combined to make your drink. This  type is preferred because it saves on time especially when you are in hurry or running late for a certain appointment. It is usually made instantly. In Europe there are several cafes that have these machines that help on saving on time.

  1. The Turkish Coffee

It is also referred to as the Greek coffee and it is one of the ancient types in Europe that originated from Turkey. It has grown its roots all over Europe and most people love it. This type is very similar to the Espresso but you can differentiate it from the Humble Espresso. Its flavor is thicker and rich and it also uses coffee that has been well filtered. Moreover, it is one of the coffee types that are brewed; to enhance the taste  there are certain spices and sugar added. It is a drink that you should try out in case you visit this great continent.

  1. Caf au Lait

It is also a traditional coffee drink in this great continent;  ratio with milk that has been steamed have to be equal. You can either drink it plainly or you can add sugar to enhance its taste.


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