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Easy and tasty Coffee cake recipe

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a very popular dish usually served for breakfast and also during the coffee break of any monotonous routine work. Coffee cakes are also served on different occasions to surprise the guests with grand coffee cakes marvelously designed and geometrically shaped. Although the term “coffee cake” may create a misconception among the readers that it is fully made of coffee, it is in fact either coffee mixed or coffee flavored. There are hundreds of delicious coffee cakes prepared in different ways and with different ingredients. Among the tasty coffee cakes, Blueberry Buttermilk Coffee Cake, Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake, Streusel Coffee Cake, Cranberry Swirl Coffee Cake etc. are the most popular all over the world. Baking a coffee cake in an oven or handmade is not much difficult. The common ingredients of all sorts of coffee cakes are flour, sugar, milk, butter, almond, batter, coffee/ coffee flavor  and in some cases chocolate chips and juice of berries. Exact proportion of these ingredients is very important to make the coffee cakes perfect – tasty, sweet flavored and gorgeous. The expert bakers also use their experience handling the duration of baking and controlling the temperature which make the cake soft and palatable. The recipe of an easy and tasty coffee cake is given below as a specimen for making coffee cake at home.


Recipe: You need to use a 9” x 9” (23 cm) baking pan for a standard cake.

Name of the Coffee Cake: Raspberry Chocolate Coffee Cake


For the Streusel                                                                 For the Cake


Cold unsalted butter (3 tsp)                                                       Batter (1/2 cup)

Granulated Sugar (1/4 cup)                                                       Streusel

All-purpose flour (1/4 cup)                                                        Raspberries (1/2 cup)

Slivered almonds (1/2 cup)                                                        Chocolate Chips (1 cup)

Buttermilk (1 cup)

Vanilla extract (1 tsp)

Backing powder (2 tsp)

Salt (2 tsp)

Large egg (1 p.)


Process of preparing the cake: Raspberry Chocolate coffee cake is very easy to make at home. The cake has several layers and the baker needs to be a little careful in framing the layers while preparing the cake. First, prepare the Streusel of the cake. In fact, this buttery streusel makes the cake soft, melting and spongy. Put 3 tsp of cold butter, ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup flour and ½ cup almonds in a blender. Now apply a little more butter with liquid when other items shown in the chart are proportionately added to the mixture. Blend the mixture well and the streusel is ready. Now take the baking pan and heat it up to the room temperature. Pour half of the batter on the pan and scatter it on the whole pan. Apply half the ready streusel as a layer. On the layer, pour half of the Raspberries and chocolate chips. Repeat the process again and you are done! Don’t make much delay to serve the cake, taste it hot!!

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