How to choose the best cup for serving espresso coffee

Perhaps you are an expresso lover, you have already purchased the machine or about to purchase the machine and you are trying to purchase the perfect cups to serve your expresso. There are a lot of coffee cups sold in the market that it can be sometimes difficult to buy the perfect cups you need. We have however being able to bring out some factors to consider when buying the perfect cup.

There are some individuals who don’t think the cups used to serve expresso really matter. They fail to consider the fact that since there are different varieties of cup that can be used to serve expresso, there are some that are more suitable than others. It does not make sense investing so much money and time on the best type of expression machine and roast only to have it served inside a cup that reduces its flavor.

In actual sense, it is not that the taste of your expresso would be completely changed by the cup. It is just that quality of the taste would be reduced. If you are interested in buying that perfect cup for your expresso, than you should consider the following factors:

  • Hot drink suitability: Does the cup have the ability to serve hot coffee? This is because there are some glasses that could shatter when very hot liquid are poured in them. This could result in the coffee pouring to the ground and even burning you in the process.
  • Safe Handle: The handle should be easy to hold. It should not be too small, neither should it get hot when hot expresso are poured in it. If this is the case, you could easily drop it.
  • Thick sides: You would also want to check if the sides of the cup are thick. This would help to make sure that the coffee remains hot for as long as possible and that it is isolated.
  • Stamina of the cup: Does the cup stand well on top of saucer or table. If the top of the cup is too wide and the bottom is too small, your cup of coffee could easily fall to the side if it the cup cannot stand properly.
  • Size of the cup: Due to the fact that the expresso have 1-3oz, using a cappuccino cup to serve it would make it look dull. Smaller cups can also fit well to your expresso machine compared to bigger cups.
  • The expresso cup material is porcelain. Expresso cups made from porcelain are thick and heavy. They can easily keep your coffee isolated and hot for a very long time. They are also easily handled.

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